One of the most important things you can do to survive an EMP is to immediately recognize the situation and respond appropriately. Since several factors (source of EMP, height, strength, location) can affect the severity of the effects, exact information is not possible. The information below is only speculation. Please mentally prepare for the possibility of the following events and pre-plan your response.

  1. The first indication of a possible EMP is that all electricity has gone out instantaneously. Ask yourself if there is a reason. Storm? Planned outage? Are others around you having the same problems?
  2. Next check your cell phone or other charged, cordless device (laptop, iPod, or portable radio).

If both electricity and battery operated items do not work, 
EMP is a reasonable conclusion.

Note: If many automobiles cease to function this may also be a strong suggestion that an EMP has occurred. Some cars may malfunction, others may shut down completely.

No matter how many people have been alerted to this catastrophe, most will not immediately identify the occurrence. It is in your best interest to plan your disaster response ahead of time.

Act immediately! Do not wait to be told what to do!

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