EMP is a real and life-altering event. Planning can be as elaborate as one's time and resources will allow. However, any time and effort spent planning and preparing should be seen as an investment in your future should any disaster strike. Most preparation is not EMP specific. The basic needs for survival are the same. We must have clean water, food, and shelter, as in the event of fire, flood, hurricane, etc. With the occurrence of an electromagnetic pulse none of these basic necessities can be taken for granted.

It is imperative to store food and water ahead in a secure and accessible location. The amount required is dictated by number of people in your family or group and your location. Remember, most likely your electricity will not return so it will not be possible to replenish your supplies from the store or water from your tap. What you have is what you will live on until you are able to grow, trade or collect more (as in the case of water). When beginning to accumulate food stuff remember that your pantry and freezer stores count! Things in the freezer of course will thaw, and need to be preserved or eaten. Purchase items you would ordinarily eat. Create and maintain a full larder by purchasing a few extra of the items you would usually purchase each time you visit the market until you reach the level you feel necessary. Then rotate your stock by eating from your supplies and continually replacing with your new purchases. FEMA gives a basic guide for emergency food, water, and other supplies.

Shelter is a subject discussed extensively in our upcoming EMP handbook. It is a complicated subject with very different strategies and suggestions dependent upon your location. The common element is that the entire family must have a plan for meeting without benefit of communication, and that a plan is in place for heat and security. This means, if home is chosen, that children must be able to walk home from school unaccompanied, or that someone reliable will be nearby to meet them, most likely on foot. This also, means that anyone working away from the home has planned a non-mechanical method to return home. A family disaster meeting plan can be found at www.ready.gov. Remember when using this plan that you will not have the luxury of communication, so everyone should know their part very well.

It is also important to carry some cash at all times, and to be willing to use that money in the event of EMP for anything necessary in the first 24 hours. i.e. a ride in a car that works, food, water, or even flat shoes if you must now walk. That cash will shortly become useless.

These are the basic items needed to survive an electromagnet pulse. You will want to include all medications, items you use everyday, and special items required by one or more individuals in your family. We provide product reviews and will continue to add suggestions to this very basic list.

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