Where There Is No Doctor is a practical guide to health care. It gives traditional healing solutions for many simple situations, and helps to determine when problems are more serious. Also includes definitions and an emergency drug list.


A necessary companion to the above. We sometimes take our teeth for granted, but when we have a serious tooth problem and no dentist to help, this guide explains in detail what to do and why. The book is written with remote communities in mind, however, the author gives a list of tools and drugs, and explains in an easy to read fashion, perfect for a doctor-less society wherever it occurs.


The following botanical guidebooks are invaluable in a survival situation, when plant identification would be crucial for both medicinal and edible purposes. Be sure to select the correct volume for your geographic area.

A reference book for any shelf-- highly respected in a world with or without drugs. A must!


This version is for Western North America.


This version is for Eastern and Central North America.


This version is also for Eastern and Central North America.