Two person bug-out bag with most of the requirements for a 72-hour bag, in a carry-able pack. It is large enough to add items for a customized bag, A MUST!





This is a good basic. Bright light and hand cranking are the keys here, plus no batteries or bulbs to replace.




Amazing little gadget—reliable, effective, reusable and lightweight. I keep one with me at all times. It’s a great gift item at a great price. When you don’t have fresh water, you’ll be glad you ordered a LifeStraw.





Perfect little bag for car or backpack, good variety, designed for 1-5 people for multiple day use. Includes “The Comp. Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine”.





This kit is a handy addition to the basic first aid kit. It is very possible to find more dental supplies, but these are the very basic, must haves.


To be placed in your bug-out bag—major calories in minimum space with a long shelf life.