Well thought out supplies, with room to customize. This is a deluxe kit with more than just the basic supplies. It is a portable item for your more long-term serious needs.


The following 7 items are intended to be used together to provide protection from contagions. We suggest you combine one (or more) of each item into a sealed bag and place in your bug-out bag. It is ideal to have several of each item in your long term storage.



This suit is intended to be disposable. 




Another good option--chosen for affordable protection; again disposable and versatile.



Disposable Exam Gloves; an Amazon best seller!


When one layer is not enough!  Used also in Cleanrooms, Treatment Centers and in Bio-Hazardous Substance situations. Covers the entire head when used with the shield below.




Double protection when used with a pair of goggles (see below). Disposable.




A necessary protection when you are not wearing your rubber boots. Rubber boots are the preferred choice. Can be purchased in smaller quantities.





Can be disposed or reused; inexpensive enough to purchase several pair.




Necessary double protection! Sturdy enough to be disinfected and reused.



Preferred footwear protection, at a reasonable price.